Join us on the evening of Wednesday, 27 April at our special Welcome Reception. We start with the transfers by buses to the museum of CosmoCaixa at 19:45 h. so make sure your travel plans allow you to join us for this evening.

Why is this evening special?
The museum of CosmoCaixa will host us in the area of the "pendulum". There is a huge Foucault pendulum, making visible and reminding us that the world is turning continuously. The whole area is a very special museum about physics and nature, stimulating our thoughts about the basic principlea of life which lead to social values. To understand this unique phyilosophy you must not be born in Catalonia: you come as a lamb and go as a lion...

We think that this evening will perfectly introduce us to the world of innovation and bring us closer to an understanding of basic values again.

Do not miss this extraordinary experience and make sure your presence for warming up and networking.

We are very grateful to the owners and decision makers of CosmoCaixa that we were selected to receive this special invitation which is an exemption. It is an honour and obligation at the same.

The mangrove flooded rainforest is a breathtaking experience. For the protection of the animals it is forbidden to make noise or to use flash photography.
The Welcome Reception will remind us that we are in a connecting business: bringing different worlds together...

To learn more about CosmoCaixa and their philosophy, click these links and get access to official documents.
CosmoCaixa Museum 1
CosmoCaixa Museum 2

       Warming up - getting in touch

Your introduction to the conference: the Welcome Reception. You meet a special community in a special ambiente: CosmoCaixa invited us to their museum