The Advisory Board takes the final decision on which category your presentation is assigned to. The earlier you submit your speaker application, the more likely you are to be allocated the category of your choice. Approved speakers will have their travel and accommodation costs reimbursed, subject to approval. We are offering 40 speaker slots and are looking for quality content. Presentations focused on marketing specific companies or countries will be accepted only for Workshop 7: Destination Show.

Speaker Application Deadline is the 15th February 2011

Due to the increasing interest of speakers  in the EMTC2011 the organizers have decided to set a deadline for applications. Speaker applications after the 15th February 2011 cannot be processed for the 2011 conference any more.
We offer around 40 -50 speaker positions and see most value in their expertise and in-depth analysis of the medical travel markets and the problems medical travelers have. The conference is attracting many personalities of the industry and institutions, so that the selection process has to be done with care. Once more the EMTC call for speakers is challenging the opinion building and positioning in the global healthcare markets. We are looking forward in making a difference. Apply now and do not miss the deadline.
  Download the official pre conference brochure, showing   speakers already appointed and agenda here.
       Become a speaker - the application process
The speakers are the most valuable part of the conference...

The organizers follow a code of conduct for speakers, which fully respects and protects their intellectual property.

Speakers may:

•• Reuse the content of their presentation at other events before or after EMTC 2011

•• Have their presentation published, free of charge and with their consent, in IMTJ Online (, the official media partner of EMTC 2011, or on the conference website.

The organisers will not make use of the presentations for commercial purposes unless there is an agreement, based on shared profits, in place. Terms and conditions are available on request.