Sphera Internacional, which is developing medical travel in Spain, is sponsoring EMTC2011

Sphera International is a multinational company that specializes in offering a full range of services to clients engaged in health travel with a strong emphasis on client safety and comfort. Its medical travel destinations are Spain, USA and Brazil. Look out for their logo on all participants’ bags.

Sphera services include:

  • Full assistance for hospital services, surgery planning and budgeting
  • Arranging consultations and examinations
  • Airport reception and local transfers
  • Home care services
  • 24/7 support services
  • Bilingual staff
  • Hotel reservations
  • Tourism planning: resorts, shopping, restaurants, shows
  • Companion activities

Sphera takes care of their clients so they can focus on what is most important: the medical procedure and the recovery process. Meet the Sphera people at stand no. 29



More exciting companies are signing up for EMTC2011. One of them is NAZOUNKI, the large facilitator from Paris, France. For many years, Dr. Savaye Gnoumou, the director of Nazounk, has successfully connected patients from all parts of the world, especially from Africa, to global health solutions. Based in Paris, this company is interested in developing solutions for sustainable cross -border healthcare in Europe, and given the experience and contacts of Dr. Gnoumou for telemedical projects in African countries, he is an important contact for telemedical suppliers, clinics and facilitators.
The NAZOUNKI network comprises over 400 selected highly specialized physicians in Europe, USA and Thailand, all linked by the latest ICT tools, which enables patients to benefit from the best care, including pre-diagnosis or second and third diagnosis if necessary.


almeda offers both bespoke telemedicine and healthcare services and global assistance solutions by combining the experience of market leaders Mercur Assistance and ArztPartner. Our clients are insurance carriers and all kinds of multinational organizations.
More than 370 mostly specially trained medical experts deal with chronic diseases and medical emergencies every day, all year long and in more than 25 languages.
Over 60 million members have access to almeda’s portfolio of services which includes international claims management, global emergency services, disease and case management as well as tailor-made service concepts designed to minimize cost and increase customer satisfaction.
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ACES (Association of Catalan Healthcare Facilities)

is an industry association which was founded in 1977. It is dedicated to promote and support its members for their professional, entrepreneurial and commercial development. ACES runs a program for continuous innovation, improvement of quality based on the integration of the multiple professional expertise brought together by its members.  ACES is forming strategic alliances to meet the market demands of the healthcare sector. Via ACES you get access to many important providers of high end medicine in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and in Europe.

Get in touch with ACES for the event: Tel. 93 209 19 92 - Fax 93 201 09 92 - [email protected] - www.aces.es and/or Muntaner 262, 2n 2a – 08021 Barcelona - Tel. 93 209 19 92 – Fax 93 201 09 92 – E-mail: [email protected]


MAPE Turismo Y Salud

is a company specializing in the offer of integral services for tourism and health. Health tourism . New services to promote and improve health together with the tourist existing services The trip to a region, including medical care with the aim to improve somebody's health is the meaning of : Health tourism.
MAPE TyS goes beyond this concept creating a tailor made tourism by offering more added value services to the tourists visiting our country according their profile and real needs. This new type of tourism opens a niche market where collaboration and coordination between experts and suppliers of the chain of services has high relevance. Get in touch with MAPE and CEO Margarida Colet, click here.


IT and Facilitation Partner